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Stalls at Vegan Summer Fest Brighton

DermaEnhance Skin Salve is an effective vegan moisturiser which cares for your whole body. It also visibly reduces redness, flaky skin and itching associated with psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions within one week of use.  DermaEnhance Skin Salve is not tested on animals, contains natural and organic ingredients and is made in England by a family firm.
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Green Tea Artisan specialises in green tea from different countries and regions of the world. We offer loose leaf green tea and Matcha, focusing on taste and quality. Visit us for a shot of Matcha and sample the green teas you have never tasted before.
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Hi! We’re Vegan Antics, the home of Vegan treats! Our product range includes Cakes, Cupcakes, Rocky Road, Fudge Brownies, Flapjacks, Cookies, Pastries, Muffins, Doughnuts & many other tantalising sweet treats! We also cater for those suffering from an intolerance to allergens including nuts, soy, dairy, gluten, wheat, lactose and egg just to name a few, we even cater for the rarest of allergens.
We also cater for parties, weddings, special occasions and offer a competitive wholesale package for food establishments. Our customers love our products because we love what we do, we hope to see you soon!
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Viva! campaigns for a vegan world. Through its undercover investigations, vegan festivals, online campaigns and other events, Viva strives to reduce animal suffering and spread awareness about veganism.
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ANENO’s East African picnic

Animal Aid

Animal Equality (Saturday only)

Animal Protection Agency

Animals In Need (Saturday only)

Art Bars

Badgers Dairy and Egg Free (Saturday only)


Beauty by Nature (Sunday only)


Besos De Oro

Bohemian Chic Minerals

Brighton Booch (Saturday only)

Cactus Kitchen Gals (Sunday only)

Cafe SoVegan

Cats Protection

Churros Garcia

Clear Ocean Ltd (Vegusto UK)

Corinne Taylor

Cottage Earth Fruits

Craft Area (Sunday only)

Deliciously Honest (Saturday only)

Derma Enhance (Saturday only)

Dough Ball Pizza

Dr Hadwen Trust

Eat Smile Live (Doterra)

Eden Perfumes

Enrichd (Saturday only)

Ethics and Antics (Sunday only)

Ethicoco (Saturday only)

Flavors of Africa

Gaia Brands Ltd for GO! Kombucha

Girl Against The Clones

Good Full Stop

Go With The Fro

Greek Vegan Deli

Green Olives

Green Tea Artisan


Healing Forest

Hempish (Sunday only)


Home Kitchen

I Am Natural

Ice Green

Ikigai Apparel

Iuvo Skincare

Jade Green Vegan

Jake’s Boost

JanSC’s Ltd trading as Jamco

Karimix UK

Kent Cider Company

Kerry’s Fresh

Lavish Food and Drink (Saturday only)


Living Beings

Loving Hut Express

Loraine Day

Maverick Coffee Co.

Mex It Up

Mr Nice Pie (Saturday only)

New Internationalist

No Baloney UK (Sunday only)

Planted (Saturday only)

Precious Vegan

Pure Natural Fresh – Ringana

Ragini’s Mauritian Curry Powder

Raw and Wild Ltd

Raw Alive

Raw Food Dude

Raw For Life

Revolution Foods

Rogue Gypsy

Rosina Makes (Saturday only)

Rude Vegan

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land (Sunday only)

Sea Shepherd UK

Self Care Co

Seven Cellars

Shakes fist

Simply Naturals (Saturday only)

Sharaf Natural Foods

Shea Me

Soap Chic Ltd


St Best


Sultans Delights

Sunu Kër (Saturday only)

Sussex Badger Vaccination Project

Sweet Revolution

SweetP Bakes

Teatime Collective

The College of Naturopathic Medicine

The Library of Flowers

The Nude Spoon

The Save Movement

The United Patients Alliance

The Vegan Cakery (Saturday only)




Unless – Hardcore Vegan Catering

Vegan Antics

Vegan Bodybuilders

Vegan Deviant

Vegan Fudge (Fat Moomoo)

Vegan Life

Vegan Rex

Vegan Runners

Vegan Sweet Tooth London


Viva La Vegan

Watts Kork Ltd

Wear Your Voice


Young Vegans

Zero Waste Club

Zimbablaooba Clothing Company